Welcome to Liber Liber.

What’s Liber Liber?

Liber Liber is a non-profit cultural association whose aim is the promotion of any kind of artistic and intellectual expression. In particular, it is an attempt to draw humanistic and scientific culture together thanks to the qualified use of informatic technologies in the humanistic field.

What’s the Manuzio Project?

The Manuzio project (named after the famous publisher who in the XVI century improved the printing techniques created by Gutenberg) has the ambition to make a noble idea real: the idea of culture available to everybody. How? Making books, graduation theses, articles, or tales available all over the world, any minute and free. Via modem, or using DVDROM, it is already possible to get hundreds of books. And the Manuzio project needs only few people to make such a masterpiece as Dante Alighieri’s Divina Commedia available to millions of people.

Which are the texts already available from the Manuzio project and how to get them?

The complete list of the Manuzio project “electronic books” is placed here: libri.

I like your project, can i help?

Of course you can! To work with us is very easy. Your help can be of different kinds:

method 01
sending money. Thanks to your money, Liber Liber will choose some of the more interesting masterpieces of literature – those that are not under copyright – and will make an electronic version of them which, after an accurate revision, will be put on line, available to everybody, free. You can send your money by:

  • credit card;
  • cheque;
  • postal money-order;
  • postal corrent account.
Even 1 euro is something! :-) See here.
method 02
sending the electronic text of a book that you have reversed. See here.

NOTICE: Before starting to make the electronic version of a book, it would be advisable to contact Liber Liber, to get information about technical details and to avoid wasting time on a text that someone’s already reversing.

Text translated by Valeria Pesce.